Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

WARNING: If you want a sweet and charmingly happy movie review about a happy elf, this will not be it.

Hehe! Fun movie. Walking out at the end, my thoughts resided the most on the fact that the movie mostly for Jim Carrey fans, especially since I heard that the movie heavily rewrites the overarching plot behind the first three books (from which the film was adapted). If that’s so (I’ll find out as soon as I read the books), then fans of the book won’t like it (obviously). And since it is equally impossible that I will finish the books before the movie disappears from theatres as mysteriously as Count Olaf’s leg, I’ll just tell you what I liked.

This is an odd first thing to mention, but I loved the end title sequence. I don’t know if it was really stop-motion work, but it looked incredible either way. And the accompanying polka music? That was just so much fun. I actually danced in the empty theatre (nobody stays for the credits anymore).

The character acting in the movie was very enjoyable, although the offbeat world that the movie took place in was…well offbeat for lack of a better word. Of course I should have a better word since Lemony Snicket’s vocabulary is way advanced, but just ignore that for now.

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