Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Concert at the Anaheim House of Blues (Downtown Disney)

Playlist from 4/23/05 (verified)

1. Zig zaggity woop Woop

2. Simple Songs

3. You Know You Wrong

4. Big time operator

5. Mr. pinstripe suit

6. Minnie the moocher

7. oh yeah

8. king of swing

9. you and me and the bottle makes three tonight

10. Mambo Swing

11. Cruel Spell

12. Jumpin’ jack

13. I Wanna be like you

14. go daddy-o



15. “Don’t you” feel my leg

For this song, Scotty will be playing the role of the lady

For this purpose he is wearing a g-string

Actually he’s not wearing a g-string

He’s not wearing anything at all

“The kid” is wearing the g-string


16. So Long, farewell, goodbye

“Sweet home Alabama” style rock-out before last note

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