Batman Begins

This movie rocked! I loved it. I had as much fun here as when I saw Sin City and they both fall into that brand new rare category of really freaking good comic book movies. Christian Bale makes a great Batman and Gary Oldman is an excellent Jim Gordon…can’t wait to see that relationship develop.

In my opinion, the best way to look at this film is as the re-launching of a franchise and I hope we can look forward to many more Christian Bale / Batman flicks (even though they’re running out of villains to kill off)…why is it that evil always has to be vanquished at the end of a movie, but in the comic book, they can just be toted off to Arkham to break out and try to kill Batman again? I love the allusion at the end of this movie to the first Batman…it’s like this movie feeds right into the first three Batman films…because I don’t think anybody accepts Batman & Robin (you know, the one with the nipple laden Bat-suit?) as a legitimate addition to the Batman saga. I mean I really enjoyed Batman Forever and thought Chris O’Donnell did a fantastic job as Dick Grayson…but B&R was just horrible. George Clooney does a fantastic Bruce Wayne…but not a fantastic Batman.

But anyways, my recommendation? Go see this film now!

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