Disney War by James Stewart

This book was a fascinating analysis into the course the Disney Company chartered after Walt’s death and tries to discover the reason Michael Eisner became so defiled within the Disneyana community.










The Dearth and Decline of Michael D. Eisner

(Chairman/CEO of the Walt Disney Company)

Moved from President/CEO of Paramount Pictures to Chairman/CEO of the Walt Disney Company in September 1984

Company was suffering from lack of direction

Eisner was able to re-vitalize feature animation with:

The Little Mermaid (November 15, 1989)

Beauty and the Beast (November 22, 1991)

Aladdin (November 25, 1992)

The Lion King (June 15, 1994)

and the parks with:

Splash Mountain (July 17, 1989)

Star Tours (January 9, 1987)

The death of Frank Wells (Disney Company President) was the death blow for Eisner

Frank knew how to spend money to make money

While Eisner may have liked the ideas, he wasn’t always ready to risk the money

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