The Dukes Of Hazzard

<Heavy Sigh>. Please forgive me…I only saw it because I thought Jay Chandrasekhar had the kind of respect for the original TV series that would have made this a good film…but I was wrong. The only connections to the TV show are purely superficial. Yes, there is an orange car with a confederate flag on the roof. Yes, there is a family clan with the last name Duke. Yes they shoot bows and arrows with dynamite attached. But they’re not on probation for running moonshine and therefore forbidden to touch firearms…they ARE RUNNING MOONSHINE! THEY ARE ENGAGING IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!! THEY ARE NOT MODERN DAY ROBIN HOODS, THEY’RE MODERN DAY ALKIES!!! <Howard Dean screams in the background>.

I can’t even talk any more about this film…that’s how much it gets my blood boiling. The only conclusion I can draw is that if I had not watched any of the original TV show episodes on DVD, this might have been an interesting film*. So if you liked or loved the original TV show, in the name of all that is holy, don’t see this movie. Other than that, I have no feelings against the film.

*Actually this opinion has been confirmed by my sister who absolutely adored the film. )*&)#%^)(*@$)(&@#^%

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