Bombay Dreams

This is a script. See? “Diamond In The Rough”. Do you even know how to read?

Oh yes sahib. I can even say big words like condescending and pretentious.

…the honest poor of Bombay.

The honest poor? You found some?

These quotes were part of what I enjoyed so much about this show. It is a fantastic portrayal of the Bollywood culture, the Hollywood like culture that has evolved in India as a result of the introduction of Western culture, but it’s also a modern deus ex machina. The ending is so fantastically contrived.

Guy: You can’t marry him he’s evil.

Girl: Judo chop! Hooray!

Guy: You can’t tear down this village! I’m a movie star. See? That’s me on the poster.

Construction Worker: Oh, I see. Can I get your autograph? Thanks! Have a nice day!


It’s just so funny. It’s also got some really cool pop music. Or at least music that I thought it was enjoyable. Definitely worth it to check out Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest production. Of course, it’s not Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music…it’s from his production company…so…he’s not really connected to it in my opinion. But that’s besides the point…it’s worth checking out.

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