Dealing With Myspace Fear and The Danger Of Radical Islamism

BBC News | Europe | Writers issue cartoon row warning
Interesting story through the BBC about the danger of Islamism. Problem is, we the U.S. (or more specifically the Bush administration) gave into Islamism by saying the cartoons were too outrageous. We can’t give into radicals and fundamentalists like Hitler or Osama. Maybe there’s still time to recognize how dangerous the radical element of Islam is…but not the way things are now…

BBC News | Science/Nature | Antarctica losing ice to oceans
Science, a leading journal, has just published an article about measuring the Antarctic ice caps with gravity. Sounds cool, huh?

BBC News | Business | High Court clears P&O’s takeover
So Britain isn’t gonna stop Dubai Ports World’s acquisition of US Ports, eh? Well guess who’s a chief executive of DPW? Feel free to start panicking.

Snarkmarket: MySpace ph34r
First there was the Columbine-area teen and now the racial slurs and shooting the chick in the face 1,000 times with a shotgun. Angry parents cry out that Myspace should be shut down. Well take a look at this and tell me it’s not the parents fault…

Black and white twins | the Daily Mail
These genetic lottery winners don’t care about winning! Especially since winning isn’t the point.

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