Google Mars, 9/11 Memorial Is Greenlit and Un-Racist Tornadoes

Google Mars

The local excitement with the satellite in low orbit around Mars gets a boost from Google as they let you view the surface of Mars via the Google Earth interface. Way cool!

BBC News | Americas | Work commences on 9/11 memorial

In my opinion, this has taken far too long. Without a source to quote, I paraphrase that if the buildings had been rebuilt as quickly as possible, they would not have been a symbolic victory for al Qaeda, they would have been a symbolic victory for the American spirit. This feeling is all to personal for me. After the 9/11 attacks happened, I didn’t really feel a personal connection or anything…after all I had never even been to New York before. 6 months later, when I visited the site, I was stunned into silent reflection at the sight of the gaping hole. Now if the buildings had already been rebuilt in that time, or if construction had begun at least, I might have instead felt soaring American pride that the interminable American spirit can not be destroyed. Now I’m not so sure…

BBC News | Americas | Tornadoes kill 10 in US Midwest
Gee, where’s the Katrina-like outbursts?

I guess tornadoes don’t really count in the scheme of natural disasters…

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