John Cleese Seven Ways To Skin An Ocelot

John Cleese Seven Ways To Skin An Ocelot

He didn’t know the ocelot was an endangered animal…he thought it was a rare artichoke only grown in Jerusalem. So then he renamed the show to My Life, Times and Current Medical Problems, after which he detailed the removal of part of his infected colon…he showed us pictures and raised shirt to show the scar and everything. He detailed his life growing up in Weston Super-Mare which was, in his words the most boring place on earth.

He also shared several slides/video clips including:

  • That time after Graham Chapman died were they got together for an interview and brought Chapman’s ashes. Halfway through the interview, one of the Python’s accidentally kicked the urn and it broke, exploding Chapman everywhere. Hilarious.
  • An anti-smokng ad he did where he impersonated his father.
  • His highlights from Flying Circus.
  • His highlights from Faulty Towers. Having never seen the show before, I was bowled over with laughter. But the real story behind the show is the real story (everybody who watched the show apparently knew this). It’s based on true events! The entire series is based on this one hotel that John Cleese stayed at.
  • A slide argument between him and his daughter Camilla (who created the presentation).

I didn’t know this, but John Cleese is also a very big study on psychology. I’ve forgotten what all he said, but he said some very interesting things about immigration and marketing (spit). No seriously…everytime he mentioned marketing, he did a fake side spit. HA!

I stayed after the show, wandering about hoping to get him to sign either or both of the books I brought along: The Pythons Autobiography by The Pythons and Superman: True Brit, where Kal-El’s ship crashes in Weston Super-Mare (get it?) and is raised to not use his powers at all with the motto WWTNT (What Would The Neighbors Think?). But he was being a bitch and wouldn’t come out. Shucks!

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