Canada Culls Seals, Han Is Better Than Luke and Another Link Is Found For Evolution

Inventory: Seven Songs With Factual Or Logical Mistakes In The Lyrics | The A.V. Club
Factually inaccurate, eh? Of course these aren’t the only ones, but he does a good analysis.

The Dilbert Blog: Smoking in Cars
Fascinating comments on another aspect of rude behavior.

Snarkmarket: Frankly This Is Just Chick Lit for Huge, Huge Nerds
This looks very interesting…but I love the Barnum graphic novel where he’s working for the Secret Service and they’re fighting Nikola Tesla who’s trying to conquer the world…so funny.

Rooster Teeth Productions: Breaking the Law
This just makes me laugh…but the administration does have a point I think…the shirt is kind of provocative and not just an inside joke like some of the other shirts…dangerous, but funny.

Column from PC Magazine: A Telematics Revolution
This is absolutely fascinating…I experienced something like this with my laptop on a recent trip (my laptop with Microsoft Streets and Trips connected to a GPS and my iPod relayed sound through a digital tape converter and gave us directions on our trip while we listened to music), but this completely combines everything…damn that’s beautiful!

Em to Kim: Lose yourself – 04/06/06 – The Detroit News
An interesting history of their relationship…but I’m not sure how I feel about this breakdown…for one I’m against divorce because it destroys the sanctity of marriage for petty reasons like this…but on the other hand I’m just kind of ambivalent about Eminem because he’s always so hostile and apparently very jealous and possessive (more so than the average man)…I just don’t know.

Primitive ‘fish with fingers’ evolutionary missing link
More missing links…evolution is being proven right in front of our eyes and what do we do? Attack science with Christian Patriot Missiles?!??! Damn you Ken Hamm!

Microsoft acquires Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead game studio
Cool…this is what Microsoft does best…acquires other companies to grow it’s brand.

U.S. Will Not Join U.N. Rights Council
It’s not like the U.N. ever does anything good…but this story is interestingly faceted…the new council sounds pretty screwed up if China (a human rights abuser) can get in.

Firm offers $16m to end seal cull
Poor Canada…they’re the victim of an international propaganda campaign…the seal cull is their way of life…how dare we try to buy them off. This just makes me embarrassed for the extremely liberal America we live in…God Bless Canada!

Turner paintings sets sale record
The life of a piece of art. Will Turner’s art is a fascinating study because he was the first to really experiment with impressionism and led the great impressionists (Monet and Van Gogh) to greatness. Plus his paintings are REALLY cool to look at….all sorts of hidden meanings and such…

Pasqua probed in Iraq oil scandal
It’s about time we dealt with this issue…the damn French helping Saddam…stick it to them!

New pictures of ‘living fossil’
A not so rare rat…interesting.

US parties agree immigration deal
I am TIRED of this issue! As liberal as my heart is, I can’t agree with just legalizing 11 million illegals! Somebody needs to go up on Capital Hill and take whatever Jeff Sessions (Alabama) is drinking and inject it in all these idiot senators who think this is a good idea.

Your personal ‘Top Ten Reasons Han is Better than Luke’
This is a really cool article exploring Han’s role in the Star Wars Universe. More power to him!

NY police guilty of mafia murders
Wow…it’s like Max Payne or something straight out of a film noir story…tragic but I can’t help thinking cool…that they caught them and all.

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