German Cannibals, Priceless Timing and Film Soundtrack News

Who Is Composing Which Scores This Summer (And Beyond)?? The ScoreKeeper Knows!!
Sadness! Klas Bladelt isn’t doing the score to Pirates 2! I’d heard it before, but I couldn’t believe it. Why the hell would you switch composers in the middle of a trilogy? I’m a little worried, but maybe that’s because I’m not paying attention. And what was wrong with the Spiderman soundtracks? I thought they were fantastic. I must not be a rabid enough fan. Oh well.

Wade Sampson : Wednesday with Wade: More “Making Fun of the Mouse”
Intriguing historical information behind some of the more noticeable parodies from Jim Hill’s 3-part article last week.

Timing is Priceless!! – MiceChat
A very cute joke involving alcoholic businessmen.

Penny Arcade! – The Not So Dearly Departed
Practically a parody of when the Blues surrendering to the Reds in Season 2 of RedVsBlue. Hilarious!

YouTube – Pac Man: The Movie
“The trailer for the long-awaited film about the greatest hero who ever lived.” Indeed.

The Dilbert Blog: German Cannibal
Scott Adams takes the disgusting and bizarre in a much better direction…the dead man walking’s last meal…

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