Ghost Rider In The Sky, Dominos Start Falling and What Your Birthdate REALLY Represents

Emilio Estevez’s Robert Kennedy flick, BOBBY, gets a review!!!
<strokes invisible goatee>…interesting…

Social networking meets AIM – Lifehacker
Hey! AIM is trying to kill myspace! create a page so you show up in my buddy list!

Fun facts about your birthday – Lifehacker
I was conceived on a Monday, the moon was waxing gibbous when I was born and my birth tree is the apple tree. Absolutely fascinating.

The Dilbert Blog: How to Think Like an Economist
Economics makes my head spin…

YouTube – Oblivion Domino Day
Hooray for incredible machines! Also worth checking out is the Half-Life 2 Mouse Trap [via Links].

Apple – Trailers – Ghost Rider
AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!! I’m not a Marvel freak, but this looks freaking awesome!

E3 2006 Roundtable: Wii Smash Pinatas | The New Gamer
A review of the console highlights from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in L.A.

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