Haunted Mansion Changes Documented, Disney’s Successes and Future Mishaps and Sequels, Sequels Everywhere

FANTASTIC FOUR 2 is coming sooner than you think..consider this fair warning!
I liked the first one. Good to know they’re hard at work.

Singer soars from LOGAN’S RUN remake for rest, relaxation and possibly SUPERMAN RETURNS AGAIN!
Fox has really high hopes for Superman Returns. I hope it pays off for them…it looks like tons of fun.

Remember that Russian Elementary school held by Chechen Rebels? Now it’s a movie! THE SCHOOL.
Was this the event that happened recently? Where the roof caved in?

Grammer Made Up For X-Men
Once again, the world is obsessed with Frasier as Hank McCoy. I think he’ll do a great job.

Jim Hill : MouseWatch: The Battle of Midway (Madness)
John Lasseter is trying to spend more time and money on Disneyland…but will he succeed?

Re-Imagineering: Attention Must Be Paid
“What’s that mean?
It’s from a play. A play about a salesman very much like you, Lee. Proud. Independent. A decent man who tries and tries but never gets a break. Until finally he does something dumb. When things go really sour, when he realizes that his whole life has been a failure built on lies, he kills himself. And when he’s dead, his wife stands at his grave and says ‘Attention must be paid!’ She has to beg the world to pay attention to this poor misguided nobody. I tell you something Lee. I’m an actor…and I’m a good one. But Willy Loman is a part that I could never play” (Assassins).
Now I get what they’re saying here, and I applaud Imagineering for the job well done, but is there a certain irony in the title choice?

DaddyB’s May 16th DOYD Photo Update
Some absolutely gorgeous photos: lots of flowers and the changes to the Haunted Mansion!

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