This film was a really solid, really well put-together disaster flick, and it was nice to see one that doesn’t bang you over the head with junk science (d’you hear about Al Gore? He’s traveling the country scaring the $h!t out of people with global warming “facts”. He’s even making a documentary/movie based on it called “An Unfortunate Truth”. I think it’s unfortunate that we have to watch. It’s just so sad that nobody will take him serially. Excelsior! I think it’s because he has no friends. I love South Park.) like Day After Tomorrow. That was a great disaster flick in and of itself, but Roland Emmerich just had to go the liberal route and criticize humanity. Curses! Anyways!

The premise is that a “rogue wave” comes across and capsizes an ocean liner the size of the Titanic and a small group of people band together to try and find a way out. Of course they do, but there’s all these dramatics along the way that are really fun to watch. I won’t comment on the acting because films of this nature aren’t about acting they are about spectacle and this film delivers. I don’t know if it was referencing this movie, but there’s this concept of not just remaking a film, but remaking a film in order to utilize new technology… in essence re-translating the original source material in order to do what was never before possible, and I think this movie did a very nice job…of course I shouldn’t say that without looking at the source material, but sue me.

The only big controversy that I walked out of the film with is what does it mean for an adult male to wear an earring in his left ear…especially when it’s a big diamond one. I always thought the left ear meant gay, but my father disagrees with me. What is Hollywood doing, setting a trend or following older trends? I don’t know anymore. Oh, and the other big controversy is about the very end of the movie with the bow propellers. To create suction or powerful blowing force, the propellers would have to be turning in opposite directions, which would prevent them from doing anything useful for the ship. So why have that option? Oh well.

The last thing on my mind is Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was using the movie as a vehicle to breakaway from the Black Eyed Peas. But hey, this is me spouting random curiosities at this point…I never know what’s going on. This movie is definitely worth checking out at least once.

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