My Super Ex-Girlfriend

This movie was a lot of fun…more fun than the reviewers are giving it credit for. Heck I was 20 minutes late and I loved it. But then again, with a great concept in “good hands” you can be as late as you like and still have a good time. Maybe it’s just the fact that I love comic books that makes this movie enjoyable…no that can’t be it. The basic movie structure? It’s like a PG-13 Wedding Crashers…one of those comedic romance flicks that tell a great story. I mean the concept alone is priceless: what happens when a superhero wants to fall in love? As a comic book fan I’m glad that they’re mainstreaming this issue…although Spiderman might have done the same thing (it is remarkably mainstream for a superhero film). What issue you ask? The issue of superheroes falling in love while maintaining a secret identity. How quickly do you initiate someone to the fact that you’re a superhero? How do you know you won’t break up with them bitterly and they will use your secret against you? I guess I just love the Spiderman 2 premise with a purely comedy shell. This movie is a must see! Oh wait, it’s falling out of theatre faster than a meteor…never mind.

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