Crichton Announces, Apple Pushes Movies Online and Steve Irwin Fans Strike Back

Steve Irwin fans turn on stingrays | The Register
We shall have our REVENGE!!!! Hi-larious…

Newsvine – Sen. Feingold Faults Bush’s War Language
Is he right? Has he read the Koran? Of what am I saying, he’s a democratic liberal, of course he completely understands the Muslim people. It’s a shame the book I’m reading (which highlights the approved Koran) points out that the Koran is a very dark and violent history of a dark and violent man who did basically whatever he wanted because “God told him to.” How many pyschos with that mentality have we put away?

Son Gets Marijuana for Doing Homework
Uh huh. Great rewards program at that house…sheesh.

Beijing Big Brother gets bigger | The Register
Something’s wrong with China…I’m glad Wikipedia had the guts to stand up to them, unlike Google and Yahoo…I’ve flipped sides, but mostly I think the position I took when Google caved was based on my lack of information/understanding…

Boing Boing: Tiny hand-painted metal people photographed in London
Ha ha!

BetaNews | Windows Sever ‘Longhorn’ Updated
Yeesh! I remember when Longhorn was Vista…oh well. At least they keep chugging along towards the next big release!

Newsvine – Calderon Wants Mexico Ballots Preserved
Why does preserving the ballots instill confidence in the people? Then again, I don’t understand how Mexico even stands up in the morning…it’s so corrupted and bloated it should just lie in bed.

Newsvine – Crichton to Release `Next’ in November
Can’t wait…too excited…love Crichton’s books. But wait, he criticizes fears of global warming and President Bush loves him? Is this political hackery or is it genuine? Who cares! I love the guy for blowing down global warming fears. State of Fear was an awesome book.

Newsvine – Study: Gulf War Syndrome Doesn’t Exist
Post-tramatic stress disorder used to be shell shock. Language is killing us…

Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote — “It’s Showtime” – Engadget
Pretty interesting walkthrough…will be interesting to see how people react to the movie downloading phenomenon (Newsvine). If you’re hungry for more photos, here’s the CNET news story.

Microsoft delivers ‘Save as PDF’ add-on | CNET
It’s about damn time!!!!

Boing Boing: Wikipedia founder debates Britannica editor-in-chief
A glorious day for battle!

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