Social Networking News, Book PDF’s and Wikipedia Resists China

Boing Boing: Jimmy Wales to Beijing: Wikipedia won’t censor
YAY! Props to Wikipedia’s founder for standing up where Google sat down.

Slashdot | Toshiba Develops 3-Layer DVD and HD-DVD

Become a Power User at David Brunelle: Geek for Life
Tips and trick to using (which I just use to backup my watched wikipedia columns).

Column from PC Magazine: Lance Ulanoff vs. the Bloggers – Columns by PC Magazine
“He caught a young hot-star, coming into town, and then he hid behind his typewriter and gunned the boy down. Here come the letters, the e-mail, the faxes. They raised him to 20,000 dollars after taxes. He’s a happy critic now” (Toby Keith – The Critic).

Official Google Blog: Download the classics
WOOHOO! I don’t have to buy old books anymore!

Original Signal Web 2.0 Frontpage
Interesting articles on this thing called Web 2.0

lonelygirl15: fact or fiction? | MetaFilter
The never-ending debate continues…

MyChurch – The Facebook of Churches
Interesting…I just might try this out…as if I’m not on enough social networking sites…but this one might actually help me spiritually.

ParentsConnect Launches Social Network for Parents
But don’t Parents just keep a profile on the social network of their child’s choice? That’s what my mom does…. Launches Free Hosting for MySpace, Facebook
Yay! Now if only they would teach HTML and English in kindergarten, we’d be set! Oh wait…that’s a debate about governmental policy I don’t even want to bother with (they have enough trouble teach English and Spanish in public school…grrrr).

ProjectOpus Releases MySpace Music Player

GigaOM Web Office Vs Microsoft Office «
Wait…if The Red Herring is reporting it, is it even valid? 😉

MySpace Hacked
When ISN’T Myspace hacked?

MySpace Codes Bring Adware Payload
This is just depressing…Myspace is like the PC of the social networking site…always under attack even though it practically started the social networking trend.

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