So I went to San Diego for the weekend and went to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park respectively. I’m back home for a day and a half when I wake up with a nasty sore throat and the sniffles. So it was probably something from one of the parks, right? Wrong! It is in my delirious state of mind that I accuse my father! He has had this bad cold for about a week now, and the family left him alone for the weekend and he infected the entire house! Proof, you say. Where’s the proof? I submit that my mother has the sniffles and sore throat as well! Aha! It’s all his fault. (Wouldn’t I make a fantastic lawyer?)

Delirious you say? No! Never! I’ll never admit to being crazy.

So I’m placing myself on quarantine for the next couple of days (minus school of course…you’re not allowed to miss class in college…). Depressing, I know, but hey…what are you going to do? Somebody invent a cure-all! I haven’t been swing dancing in a week! I’m incredibly depressed! Not really…just bored at home when I should be working…

*I don’t remember seeing the Dustin Hoffman movie, but I remember it..mostly from the Clerks Animated Series where Randall calls in the CDC because Leonardo Leonardo ate a bad burrito.

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