Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Ok….I just finished the book and was just a little confused. It was a good book and all but there was some preconception rattling around inside my head that wasn’t fulfilled. So I just sat down and watched the movie trailer again.

What the hell? Where was all that stuff in the book? What kind of artistic license did Disney and Walden take? Was the book not good enough by itself to make a movie they had to extend it into this Chronicles of Narnia thing too? Please note: I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am just a little concerned. Unless of course, they hired the author, Katherine Paterson, to extend what’s going on.

….(reads online material, not reviews)….

Well they’ve got David Paterson working on the script, so it can’t be that far asunder from mom’s vision….

See it’s just the fact that they’re selling this as the next Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings fantasy spectacle that bothers me….it’s like the story in the book isn’t good enough. Well, it is a little dated, material wise…I just don’t know…I’ll let you know more when I review it.

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