Quarantine Week 2

So I’m still under quarantine this week. I got to play on Saturday, which was nice, but my energy was really sapped. I hope I get better soon (this bubble’s driving me crazy!). For those of you not in the know, I’m sick with a bad cold, so I’m quarantining myself from everything but school (you’re not allowed to miss college if you’re sick…what is this, elementary school?)…which basically means no swing dancing. I’m sad. Oh well.

I also got like 3 hours of sleep last night, so today was…REALLY interesting. It was basically a drive (physically not car-ically) from one thing to the next. Although the morning drive had a very intriguing stream of consciousness with it. I started while listening to swing music and thinking that I need to incorporate more scat singing when I’m dancing. I tried analyzing scat and came up with the concept that it takes gibberish speech (which I love) and combines it with … not singing but just being melodic (which I also love). So if you get a dance with me in the future, you’ll hopefully be a little entertained and a little indulgent. Then I saw a license plate with the letters TKG on it. This lead to possible re-wordings of those three letters including:
GTK – something that installs with the Instant Messenger client Gaim
GKT – Gordian Knot, a dvd ripping program that I tried
TKG – back to the original, but if I change one letter I get
EKG – which I think is how you measure brain activity
Next I happened to glance at the sticker in the upper left corner of my windshield that tells me how soon until my next check-up. It says the next one should be around mile 79500. So I look at my odometer and it says I’m at 78960. Then I look at my gas gauge to see how much gas I will use before then. I’m on 5/6 of a tank, so roughly a tank and a half before then. Whee! That was all for the stream of consciousness (it’s a quick drive to school). Then I met up with friends to do some homework, rushed over to class, steamed through it, rushed over to the next class, steamed through it, rushed over to the next class and sat and relaxed for a while. No the last one’s not sleeping class. It’s a non-traditional lecture where we move all the chairs into a circle and talk about the assigned readings.

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