Flashback 2007

I’ve been duped! Huckstered! Flim flamed! Deceived! They told me there was a dress rehearsal on the dvd, but there’s just a dress rehearsal video with audio commentary! I assured myself that I didn’t need to film the entire performance! Damn my eyes! Well I’ll know better next year. That’s right Disney…you just try and stop me next year.

The show was lots of fun! I was rooting for the red team, and although it’s some form of nepotism I really enjoyed the Red Team’s show best. It was the most cogent with the clearest story line and very impressive utilization of talents. The only reason Green Team won was because they’re all from the Entertainment department…oh and their show looked really sharp and crisp (although I have been told they went so far as to lift entire choreography from … something). Before I knew they were all Entertainment, I was very impressed with their show. Afterwards I was still impressed, but felt like I shouldn’t be. I don’t know anymore.

This year’s theme was A Night At The Movies where each team was given a genre of movie as the basis for their script.

Orange Team – Comedy ala Beach Blanket Bingo
It’s West Side Story meets Gidget with the mob running around. And don’t forget the dancing nuns!
Very nicely done, cohesive story line….all around decent sketch. #3 on my list.

Red Team – Action/Adventure
Ace Palmer has a new assignment: someone has kidnapped the most important person in America. Ace suspects Erik Von Develin, owner of the hot new nightclub and long time nemesis. The only catch? he has to solve this case without blowing anything up!
As I said, my absolute favorite, but maybe that’s because I love Bruckheimer films which is the prototype (basically) for this script. #1 on my list.

Blue Team – Chick Flick
Sam likes Zach. They’re very compatible…spent lots of time in college watching sci-fi films. But Zach appears to like Megan (the office bad girl…think Glinda from Wicked). So Megan makes Sam “Popular” to make Zach like her. Of course that doesn’t work and Sam and Zach end up together. What, did you expect the bad girl to win in a romantic comedy? Unfortunately the script was much simpler than it could have been…a lot more drama could have been pumped in to make it really rock.
This sketch started out really low energy (after the opening number)…the dialogue wasn’t really peppy enough and the delivery was incredibly flat. It worked it’s way up to being a little better, but of the four sketches, I have to rate this one #4.

Green Team – Horror/Comedy
or do all horror’s have comedy inherent in them? Maybe, but not this kind of comedy.
This show was really kind of cool. It got a little thin for me near the middle when the Ghostbusters charged in, but then it picked up comedy wise in the end and I enjoyed it. The hip-hop stuff in the beginning was just freaking awesome. And the crazy cool part? The two “leads” in this skit are Bert and Mary Poppins! I’ve seen them on stage and in the Park…sooo cool. #2 on my list.

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