Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I barely remember the TV show, although it was something fun to watch growing up. I also vaguely played the arcade game with friends when we’d go miniature golfing. That and X-Men. But I digress. The movie had that same kind of fun to it, especially since the character modeling was so exaggerated (stick-thin women, huge muscle-bound guys), allowing for a degree of escapism. What was interesting though was how convincing the “fight choreography” was. It was very cool looking and I enjoyed it.

Beyond that the story serves to reintroduce us to the characters and the team dynamic that exists. They deal with their world-threatening problem and leave room for a sequel…or a television show revival. If the show could look that slick consistently, I’d love it, but I’m probably just dreaming.

I also wonder why the original theme song wasn’t covered. There was an…interesting rock song with numerous references to the original show/theme song, but no cover! Maybe they couldn’t secure the rights? This also reminds me of Ghostrider and the fact that the Spiderbait cover of Ghost Riders In The Sky (“An old cowpoke went ridin’ out one dark and windy day….”) isn’t included on the soundtrack. Friggin’ copyright laws. No fun anymore. 😉

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