Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

That’s right…I’m quoting Rodgers and Hammerstein. But it really is a beautiful morning…that nice cold morning indicative of spring where you can’t wear a jacket because in another hour it’s going to be hot. If only my sinuses weren’t plugged, I probably would have been able to smell that mountainesque air that I so adore. But anyways, this beautiful morning reminded me that there are several things to share with y’all.

I came up with an alternative storyline while watching The Mask the other day. It was right after the scene where Tina (an undiscovered Cameron Diaz) visits Stanley (Jim Carrey) in jail and says she’s going away for a while.

I didn’t see or hear from Tina for a couple of months. Dorian succeeded in taking over the city…unfortunately, being a petty thug, his empire quickly devolved into civil war…Lieutenant Kelloway was killed in the resulting crossfire and in the political backstabbing, I was able to barter my way out of jail.

I know they couldn’t take the story in that direction, but it was an interesting turn for the characters to take…make it a film noir movie.

I saw the midnight showing of Spiderman 3 last week at Big Newport. That’s always fun…a group of geeks cheering at Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee while booing and hissing at Kirsten Dunst. I thought it was an interesting and fun movie, but lots of people are complaining, mainly about the lack of character development for the 3 major villains. I came up with this question:

Can we sacrifice character development for a deeper story connection? There wasn’t enough time really to develop all the characters of the movie…but do they actually reflect the internal conflict in Peter’s life?

But I don’t really know. I’d go see the movie again just to watch that awesome scene in the bar where Dark Peter shows off to upset Mary Jane. And I’m super pissed off that they’re not giving us the instrumental soundtrack to this movie! I’m so frigging tired of them short-changing us. Although I just found out that there’s an instrumental soundtrack for Spiderman 2, so maybe eventually we’ll get one. I really want it because the fist fight between Dark Peter and Goblin 2.0 is really jazzy and very cool.

I keep thinking there was something else I wanted to talk about, but I’ve forgotten it now. So thanks for tuning in. See ya next time and all that crazy jazz.

OH! Now I remember what it was. It was about how depressing my Wednesday night was. Why for? I watched movies. But it was the content/characters of those movies that really depressed me. I watched (back to back mind you) The Last Kiss (TLK) with Zach Braff and The Pursuit of Happyness (TPOH) with Will Smith. TLK was about Zach’s character having a pregnant girlfriend and getting caught up in this “extramarital” relationship with a college co-ed (8 year age difference about) because he was scared of growing up. TPOH (as i’m sure everybody already knows) is about Will’s character scrambling to make ends meet in the early 1980’s because it’s hard to be an adult. The thing was, I got so wrapped up in these two films that I just got depressed about my future, even though I’m doing fine! It was just a really weird trip.

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