Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – Century 20 @ Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA

So I caught the midnight showing of the movie to kind of celebrate the end of my 4th year in college, but I couldn’t catch the midnight showing at Newport 6 (where I typically do midnight shows). Not because it was sold out, but because it didn’t exist! So I ended up at Bella Terra with a packed house and a really decent seat (2nd row, center). Not bad for showing up 15 minutes before show time.

Underdog looks like fun. I love Jason Lee.
August Rush – the trailer left me speechless…must see this film…
Hot Rod – a stuntman wannabe who is a bit of a jerk – looks amusing
[walks away from an explosion]
Man: You’re the worst stuntman ever!
Rod: What?
Man: [louder] You’re the worst stuntman ever!
Rod: No, I can hear you, I’m just being mean.
Evan Almighty – I swear to Him that if I have to see this trailer one more time, I’m gonna kill something – I’m just tired and bored to death by it.

This movie was a lot of fun. It also packs a lot into an hour and a half…I was surprised to look at my watch after the movie. The really fun thing was remembering all the facts or having them click in place (the surfer’s true purpose, why he does what he does, who he serves). I mean, the instant I saw the trailer, I knew what was coming in the movie (why? I don’t know – gee I sure know a lot about Marvel for being a “DC boy”) and was really excited.

I really enjoyed the special effects and the story, and I’m really pleased that they took it in the direction they did. While very reminiscent of Spiderman 2, I still enjoyed the Fantastic Four’s take on being a team and being responsible of your powers.

And what would a Marvel movie be without a cameo by Stan “The Man” Lee. Absolutely hilarious!

Wasn’t Galactus an X-Men Sentinel with horns? Oh, that’s the human form he took. He can be a giant cloud of destruction…

There are more Marvel movies coming out than DC movies – makes me sad to be a DC boy, but what can I do.

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