Good Luck Chuck and Ragtime

So I was supposed to drive to Riverside for West Side Story (Performance Riverside) and then down to San Diego (Starlight Theatre) for Ragtime. But when I woke up at 1:17pm, I decided against rushing out of the house to WSS (I feel a bit like a heel though, since I knew folks from Torrance’s WSS were in it) and decided instead to head down to San Diego early and catch a flick.

Good Luck Chuck
This movie fits in the same vein as Wedding Crashers…rated R, lots of sex, lots of jokes. Great fun if you don’t mind a little crudity. The premise is that Dane Cook gets hexed by a Wiccan girl he refuses to have sex with as a child. Every girl he sleeps with will marry the next man they date. Then he meets Jessica Alba, an accident prone girl whom he really likes. Chaos ensues, confused romances evolve, happy endings persist, etc. Jessica Alba was really willing to “take one for the team” as it were…I’ve never seen someone more accident prone….so funny. Dane Cook was very funny, but also very empathic…I really felt for his character as he went through the movie. Definitely a good flick if you can get past the raunchiness.

While not my number 1 favorite show, I am definitely a huge fan of it. It’s an untainted picture of American history with authentic language. Tracking a family as their lives are thrown into chaos by the great American melting plot at the turn of the 20th century, the challenging experiences are paralleled by the seemingly unstructured chaos of the music known as ragtime.

I’m not even sure what I just said. I’m trying to sound like a theatre critic, but I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I just love this show because it’s classic Americana. The performances were all fantastic. Just wonderfully top notch and lots of fun to watch. But it’s closed now, so sorry you missed it!

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  1. Laura

    “happy endings persist” lol. Nice phrasing. So another “not a first (or 2nd or 3rd…) date movie” then? 😉

    I’m sorry I missed Ragtime, I love the music! Good job sounding like a knowledgable critic.

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