Nunsense and [tap] The Mystery [tap tap] of Edwin DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

Nunsense – Torrance Theatre Company
It’s like Altar Boyz but with “better music”. It’s a comedy routine by nuns that has heart and some poignant points to make about religion. If you get a chance, go check out Torrance’s production (CLOSING THIS WEEKEND – GET TICKETS NOW!) because it’s got (for my money at least) the funniest nuns ever to hit the comedy circuit!

The show is a play within a play based on an unfinished work by Charles Dickens. The meta-play providing the structure for The Mystery of Edwin Drood is that of an English performing troupe which was very fun…especially when you have the cast willing to get you a beer (unfortunately you have to reimburse them) and play cribbage with you (or at least pretend to play and asking how to play). Because it is an unfinished work, the performance troupe offers to the audience a voting system that lets YOU decide on the ending you want to see based on information presented so far. The cast decides whether Edwin Drood is dead or not (they always pick dead because the actress portraying Drood is a prima donna), and then the audience decides who is: the detective, the murderer and the lovers (cause every good story has lovers). If you ever get a chance to see Edwin Drood, I highly recommend it because it is very funny.

Last night’s ending:
Detective – Neville Landless
Murderer – Princess Puffer
Lovers – Bazzard and Helena Loveless
This was absolutely hysterical because NOBODY likes Bazzard and Helena made this quite clear.

And check this out! The narrator/M.C. of the show was played by Tim Thorn, who was involved in MYART productions back when I was in middle school. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to talk to him after the show, mores the loss.

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