John Ziegler Targets Hillary and Gets Roasted By The Mainstream Media

Stolen from the John Ziegler Mailing List (this is what you’re missing).

I am writing because I wanted to share something REALLY strange/funny that occurred at/after a Fred Thompson campaign rally that MC ed this weekend.While warming up the crowd I made a couple of (very well received) jokes about Hillary Clinton.

The first one can be heard that the very end of a clip that can be seen here:

It created a mini firestorm among the national media as they tried to follow the story line of how wonderfully Hillary handled the hostage situation.

The worst of the coverage (and the best version of PART of the “offending” joke) came from Fox News Here:

Here is what ABC did:

And Fox was even worse:,2933,314502,00.html

The CBS Evening News did this (taking the joke TOTALLY out of context):

And the REALLY funny part is the second joke about Hillary that they ignored was FAR more edgy. You will love it.

Zig is a really funny political pundit who used to be on KFI (whole other controversy), but is now freelancing it and doing other stuff. I highly recommend paying attention to what he has to say.

2 thoughts on “John Ziegler Targets Hillary and Gets Roasted By The Mainstream Media

  1. JohnW

    Wha? The coverage read to me like a straight-up recounting of the joke. What was the context of the joke that should have been included?

  2. aaron

    looks like Fox was pretty fair and balanced to me… they played the joke, and they said it got laughs but not from everyone. What’s “worst” about that?

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