The Rat Pack: Live At The Sands

Last night, Laura, my dad and I headed up to Wilshire Blvd. to see The Rat Pack: Live at the Sands. Drinks at the bar – I had a Sailor Jerry & Coke (they didn’t have any Captain) and Dad and Laura had a Malibu Pineapple. Before the show, Laura and I got some lindy bombing in at the very front of the theatre and it was INCREDIBLE. I mean we’d lindy bombed theatres on two previous occasions (Jersey Boys and Pajama Game), but this time there was more room (even if it was on carpet). The last song, I finished with a frog(with a long hold)-tuck-turn-dip that was SOOO clean and smooth. 😀 We also experimented with a balboa cross-break/salsa transition that works REALLY well. We got applause after our first dance and at the very end. Then on with the show.

Frankie was dead-on (voice and look). Sammy was decent voice, decent look (was Mr. Bojangles ever exaggerated THAT much?). Dean was the most off of the three – his voice was too high (all songs were raised a third) and his look was alright, but not as close as the others. Beyond that, the show was absolutely incredible. While this wasn’t my first experience with a Rat Pack Trio (see The Atomic Gig story), it was the first time I’d sat and gotten to watch the entire show. I was REALLY happy when they did a joke that I’ve loved since I first saw it (during the reprise of “Me and My Shadow”, Dean and Frankie sing, “We are Italian and you are a Jew” to Sammy…hysterical). I missed Sam’s Song, which is a fun duet between Dean and Sammy.

What else was fun…Dean did an incredible prat fall down stairs – saved his drink by covering it….very funny.

Dean: These are phosisticated people.

Dean: *while holding Sammy* I’d like to thank the NAACP for this award.

Frankie and Dean did a High Society reference. *giddy*
Dean: Is this your drink Frankie?
Frankie: Yeah, you drank it.
Dean: Well did you evah.
Frankie: What a swell party THIS is.

Sammy did a great Louis Armstrong impression instead of singing “That Old Black Magic”. He has the perfect eyes for it!

Dean: *to audience members who didn’t get the joke* Go home and think about it, you’ll be howling later.

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