Being Grounded Sux!

But every once in a while you get a breath of fresh air and then you get back underwater with your self-contained breathing apparatus and just curse your own stupidity. But anyways! I was permitted to go social dancing at Disneyland this evening because my dear friend Lila’s pass was expiring soon and I wanted one more chance to dance with her at Disneyland AND Stompy Jones was playing. So I get to Carnation Plaza Gardens just as the band is coming on, and I’m a little concerned with the dancer turn-out…practically nobodies there. But by the end of the third song, the dance floor is crowded! And with tons of really great dancers! I mean people who haven’t been seen at the park in years were there dancing and it was an absolute blast! Hooray for Martin Luther King Jr. getting us a 3 day weekend! Well, and all the other really far more important things he did with civil rights. Actually do I thank the U.S. government for choosing to honor him with a national holiday? I think I do. *shudder* I actually have to thank the government. *shudder*

During the second break (8:30 – 9pm), the Shim Sham gets played very unexpectedly (it’s normally played after the fireworks). Yay! I haven’t done the Shim Sham publicly in several weeks! There are also some high-end photographers (using digital SLR’s) that take some great pictures of me…stay tuned for the results.

Right before the third break and fireworks, Stompy decides to play Hand Clappin’, which is an awesome incredible high-tempo lots of fun number and one that 9 times out of 10 creates a jam circle on the floor. This jam circle was kind of weird though since there were basically two lines on either side of the stage creating the circle instead of the usual circle like apparatus (my favorite word of the day obviously). After Morgan and Lila started it off, everybody just kind of stood there clapping along. So I walked around the circle and technically participated in the jam circle. I didn’t do anything really flashy or performance worthy though…I just wanted to dance with Lila to a great song. Soon enough, someone else jumped in the jam circle and it was off again, but just as the circle was heating up, Stompy comes to the “false ending” they have built into their version of Hand Clappin’. But because they’re up against the fireworks, they can’t keep it going, which is just MURDER!

During the fireworks, Lila and I head over to the Tiki room and lindy-bomb it! SOOO much fun! When we get back, the fireworks have ended and canned music is playing. Suddenly it’s Shim Sham time! Again! W00 h00! There isn’t much more to talk about except that I had a really fun time getting back into the world – even if just for a couple of hours. Of course it becomes bittersweet upon being re submerged in the “real world” (needing to leave as quickly as possible once dancing is over so I can keep my curfew)…but I’m still thankful that I got to have a little bit of fun…making the last 11 days of January that much more bearable with the bittersweet memories and the glorious promises of February.

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