Daily Comics and PC Magazine News Highlights


How typical of guys 😉

France Fines Amazon for Free Shipping – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Stupid French…trying to save mom and pop stores by imposing fines on Walmart-esque companies…

NBC VP to Chair DVD DRM Agency
We don’t need more copyright protection…we need less….but they’ll never listen…*sigh*

Tom Cruise Appears in Online Scientology Video – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Is Tom Cruise the Anti-Christ? I love how the Church claims he isn’t second-in-command when his is the name most connected to Scientology (in the public’s ear) outside of L. Ron Hubbard. And now even Will Smith joined him? *sigh*

Order by Text Message at Pizza Hut – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Why? Why would you do this?

Hungarians Work on Dog Bark-to-Speech App – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
This isn’t newsworthy….their software only did 3% better than human judges and only on a select breed of dog….but maybe if it gets headlines than it will get more publicity and more funding which is the key to making it better…or make them sellouts with outrageous theories.

Jump-Start Your Car with Your Feet – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Cool alternative power gadget!

RIAA Goes After “Personal Use” Doctrine – Columns by PC Magazine
Dvorak details the RIAA’s latest greed scheme and the history of copyright infringement.

Facebook Asked to Remove ‘Scrabulous’ – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Facebook is ALL about copyright infringement, baby! 😉

FCC Chief: Economy Could Hinder Wireless Sale – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
So the government enforced auction will go forward as planned because the government is too stupid to see the economic crisis we’re in and spend money conservatively….grrr

Researchers Make ‘None More Black’ Material
Why they couldn’t find a better name is beyond me, but this is very trippy science.

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