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Saving Private Ryan
Sat down and watched it in it’s entirety for the first time in like 5 years and there are several people in the film that I now recognize which is very exciting!
Paul Giamatti – “I got ankles like an old f*cking lady”
Ted Danson – Captain Hamill (kills all the Germans when Paul Giamatti knocks the timber through their wall)
Nathan Fillion – The Fake Private Ryan (“My brothers are dead?!?! But they’re only in grammar school!”).
Colby from Numb3rs – 3rd from the 506

Family Guy Star Wars Rush Limbaugh Reference

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Quagmire/C3PO: Hey, mind if I turn on the radio?
Announcer: WTAT – Tattoine’s All Talk Radio.
Rush: My good friends, the liberal galactic media is at it again. They never stop! Now they’re trying to convince us that Hoth is melting! Well that’s crazy…just trying to scare us! And if that weren’t enough to get you mad…we now have news that Lando Calrissian has been made the chief administrator of the Bespin Mining facility. Gee, I wonder how he got THAT job. Well let me tell you how he got that job…affirmative action strikes again. The time is 8:50.

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