The Last Days by Joel Rosenberg

Even though I read The Ezekiel Option (Book 3) before reading The Last Jihad (Book 1) and now The Last Days (Book 2), I really wish I hadn’t because now I have to read book 3 all over again….sigh. The Wikipedia spoiler highlights just aren’t good enough! Rosenberg has the talent as a writer to suck a reader in with characters and political/military excitement like you wouldn’t believe. I read this book in a week and usually I take at least a month to read a book. I don’t really have much else to say except how incredibly enjoyable and engaging Rosenberg is as an author. Oh and he continues his prophetic streak. The book begins with a terrorist attack in Gaza (don’t worry it’s not a one-trick pony) that kills Yasser Arafat and attacks a U.S. diplomatic convoy. “Two weeks before The Last Days was published, a U.S. diplomatic convoy was ambushed in Gaza. Thirteen months later, Yasser Arafat died” (Wikipedia).

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