An Evening With Groucho – Curtis Theatre

A very enjoyable show which is more like the Mark Twain show, where you just get to spend a couple of hours with the legendary figure than a biography, although there are biographical elements to the show.Frank Ferrante has been portraying Groucho for many years and does a very excellent job. He was the original portrayer of Groucho in the biographical play written by Arthur Marx, Groucho’s son. Plenty of audience interaction, lots of song and prancing about stage and generally a really great time.

Some of the highlights?

  • Sending one of the ushers (whose name happened to be Shirley Temple) to get a cup of coffee for a guy in the front row and getting a Starbucks bottled frappachino.
  • Picking a member of the audience and painting the mustache and eyebrows on him and giving him a cigar. May 17th, 2008
  • One couple in the audience.

    • You two make a lovely couple? Are you married?

      • No
    • Are you dating?

      • No
    • Well then what are you?
      • Everything but married (somebody groans)
    • Oh! Some of the older Brea-eans aren’t happy with that. How long have you been living in sin?
    • …after some discussion, the woman is revealed to be pregnant
    • Is there a man of the cloth in the house? A woman of the cloth? A cloth?