Iron Man

This movie is absolutely incredible. It’s actually kind of depressing how well Marvel is doing with their adaptations considering I’m a DC fanboy, but I can live with just getting great geek moments.


  • The Mach-3 suit. It’s so gorgeous watching it in action.
  • The technology behind the suit and Jarvis (Stark’s home computer)….it’s got holographic projectors that are both touch and laser pen intractable….*drool*
  • Stan Lee’s cameo in a Hugh-Hefner-esque robe
  • Robert Downey Jr. I’ve been a Downey Jr. fan, despite his rehab nonsense, since the early 90’s when I saw a movie called Heart and Souls, and I absolutely LOVED Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He tackles this role and handles it with lots of aplomb (great to hear that he wanted to role so badly he was willing to take a screen test to prove himself). He’s funny yet touching and a very talented actor.

All in all, a highly successful origin adventure that makes me incredibly happy. And I can’t wait to see what part Tony Stark plays in The Incredible Hulk. Yay for cross-overs!

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