Obama Gets Battered and Praised, iPods and Global Warming

Apple and AT&T to launch iPhone 3G a lot sooner than we think? | The Boy Genius Report
Duh duh duh!!!!! iPhone 2.0!

‘We may have a second Lincoln’: McGovern explains endorsement switch – Barack Obama | News from Presidential Candidates, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House
Interesting….a black Lincoln…I’m not saying it’s impossible….

webcomics @ chainsawsuit by kris straub
His blog led me to this (Video – Breaking News Videos from CNN.com) which just makes me crazy! It’s the damned racial double-standard (as Kris points out). We can say George Bush looks like a monkey, but we can’t say that Obama looks like a monkey? I don’t care if it’s a previous racial stereotype….you can’t reserve words like that…but that’s what minorities do with the encouragement of the liberal left.

Crazy C Studios – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!
Yay! Disney reference! Yay!

LAist: An iPod Disco Makeout Closet: Welcome to the Porta-Party
This is hilarious! And kind of cool.

*| I branch off from there into a kind of mini rant that asks a question. I switched to the iPhone primarily because it was easier to manage the music on my phone. Since then I’ve found many other things that it does very nicely, primarily connecting the phone to the computer with a friendly (if sometimes annoying) interface. It also fits in with the fact that I have all these Apple compatible products. All this builds up to: why can’t companies unify and set standards for phone/computer connectivity? Why can’t I buy a Zune that interfaces as easily with my computer as the iPhone? Why must I buy three new chargers when I replace my MP3 player instead of re-using old chargers that STILL WORK? Wouldn’t it cut down on waste in this country thereby reducing the amount of garbage and pollution in the world? Or is it easier to whine about carbon footprints and what individuals can do to prevent global warming than take on big companies and insist on revolutionizing the way standards are set. And on that note, we segue to a tasty little global warming article! |*

Polar Bear Is Made a Protected Species – New York Times
I love how the secretary has to point out that this isn’t a global warming thing.

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    The Porta-Party is hysterical! Too too funny, a very clever design. 🙂

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