Blocking “The Path To 9/11”

A genuine Hollywood premiere! My first chance to rub elbows with the muckety-mucks and I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt! :D.

This documentary is fantastic. Written and directed by former-KFI-late-night-libertarian-guru John Ziegler (check out for the gory details), this documentary chronicles the censorship of ABC’s self-proclaimed docudrama, “The Pathe To 9/11” at the bequest of the Clinton political machine, which is probably why Hillary lost the nomination (which is ironic in and of itself).

Geoffrey Rowland (Senior Editor of “The Path To 9/11”) had a fever of 103 degrees when they shot his bit of the documentary.

When Zeiglar was wrapping up the 7 hour interview with Cyrus that is the core of the film (he knew Cyrus wanted to watch a big playoff game), he asked the typical documentary question of, “Is there anything else you want to talk about?” and Cyrus leaned in and said, “Ask me about Harvey Keitel.” That’s why that whole section is in the movie.

It wasn’t clearly delineated in the film that Disney and director David Cunningham kept rushing into the editing bay in order to meet Clinton’s demands. It’s kind of demonstrated by the inclusion of the most controversial scene with EDITED overlays, but it took me a minute to get fully up to speed.

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