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How He Loves Us


Kalle Lasn, Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America

Deep Resources of Love
Colossians 3:1-17

3:5-put to

3:1-comma important…Christ is ruling now

2:15-empire disarmed

Who’s dreams are we dreaming?
Of Jesus or of empire
Don’t worry about tomorrow

Matt 6:32-34

Col 1:21- empire encoursges doing evil
Be a blessing as you have been blessed

Col 1:6- new self, new virtues
Truth is in the person of Jesus

Col 1:15-20- Jesus is the head of the church

Col 3:1-
3:4- Christ is our life

Not defined by what we do
Defined by Jesus my lover, my life
Glory- weight, significance, matter

3:11- relationships are done differently in the kingdom of God
In empire, relationships are a means to an end, fragmentatious
Before you deface another person in anger, think…
A new dream
World, flesh, devil are at work today…fragmenting us…
Not about margin shares…about people

1:9-10- fully pleasing to Him and Him alone
Increase in knowledge, bear fruit in every good work
Christ is our life

Do everything in the name of Jesus
Renewed things look like the Redeemer
Drape ourselves in our finest clothes…meekness, patience, forgiveness, love
Put on your Sunday clothes

1:20- embrace the world

Ex 3:7- He knows our sufferings

Luke. 6:36- merciful
Paul challenges us
Don’t clench…invite
We want to be included
Not for our sense of worth, but for our belief in restoration
Instead of complaining, be part of the solution
Only if sustained in forgiveness
Used 3 times in 3:15
Oh how He loves us

3:14- put on love
He’s got the whole world in His hands
Dwell in Jesus
3:16- teach and admonish
Be desperate for it
Let it dwell in our hearts (the words of our Messiah)

Det 4:3-9-
Singing, proclaiming that Jesus is IT!

3:17- Do everything in Jesus
Art, politics, business
Compassion, patience forgiveness and above all else, LOVE…because we draw from the source…Jesus


Revelation Song


Col 1:15-21

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