The Rock Church Worship Service


Who You Are

Danny and Donna Martinez

Guest Speaker from South Central L.A.
Dance Like David (salsa)

Revelation 15:3
Song of Moses, Great and Mighty God
Listen To The Cry Of The World – their first worship CD
Christian Spanish Heavy Metal
Supports a Guatemalan Orphanage
South LA – Church of the Redeemer
Wanted to plant a church…but not in LA
God’s got a sense of humor
50% black
20% Latino
30% White/Asian
2 homeless people
Wife wanted to invite them
Ok…no, now
Thought they would scare families away
In the front row
They testified and they’re still there
Revelation 7 ( he’s spelling it wrong)
Very safe
Slovakia and Guatemala ( f m )
Mark 12:30-31
Wish He had stopped at 12:30
It’s easy to praise God
It’s hard to love your neighbor
Challenges us to live a life of faith
Black likes gospel
Latino like Shakira
Anglo/Asian like what they like
Shut up preacher!
Latin groove + gospel
Multicultural worship
Worship without boundaries
Saturday night service in Spanish
Makes everybody uncomfortable all the time
Challenges the church
Thanksgiving with the homeless
Set up tables in the street and served
Found a jumper and offered him some…
Have you loved your neighbor today?
First Lady Donna compassion ministries
Soccer mom/homeless person
Adventures Ahead Tutor Ministries
Both parents working to scrape together a living, lots of dropouts, they start a family
Reading buddies, volunteer tutors, staff teachers, celebrations for top students, Living MLKs dreams
See a need, fill a need! (Robots)
Matt 28:18-20
The Great Commission
Creative ways of gatherings
Took everyone to the beach INSTEAD of church
Ice Skating in LA
Latinos don’t ski or golf (only 2nd generation only)
Homeless are welcomed
How would you react?
Sometimes we’re serving Angel’s
First new believers…involved leaders
Needy people, open hearts
Agnes, mother of the church
Nuevo Discípulos
Would your community miss you if you were gone
Don’t baptize at the beach…cold!
We have the victory in Jesus!
The Martinez Family
Oldest son visiting North Park University…maybe he’ll come home
Danny has diabetes
Young son had burst appendix
Moving on to Covenant Church in San Diego
Pray for them
God is good!

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