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Paul doesn’t like talking to strangers on an airplane
Drunk guy sits next to him
Guy keeps chugging down Heinekins as they talk about God
He used to be a youth pastor, became bitter
“I can’t drink from the cup of grace”
The stakes are so high…drink…
Holy Moment
Before The Throne Of God Above
Anthem To The King
This Is A Gifted Response


Manoj and Alexis Alipuria are adopting two kids from Ethiopia

Finding Life Before Death
Malkut Shamayim (Part 1)

Striving to be the kind of people Jesus was passionate about
John 17 – long prayer from Jesus
Jesus knows what he wants us to look like

The Kingdom of Heaven
The Kingdom of God
Are they two separate things?

The gospels use these terms over 50 different times
Preaching, proclaimed
Teaching, explained
Parables, illustrated
Life, demonstrated
Is the KoH out there? Next week…
Is the KoG here on earth?
Who’s in the kingdom, where is t, etc
Matt – KoH, but it turns into KoG in the other gospels
Devout Jews never said the name of God (3rd commandment) – started with Pharisees and sages
Luke 15 – prodigal son
I wish you were dead
Squanders money
Father recieves repentant son

Hebraic Phrase: Malkut Shamayim
Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of God was for the Greek audience later on
Jesus drew KoH from the writings of the Pharisees and the sages

Everyman’s Talmud; Dr. Cohen

The Shema; Deut. 6:4-5
This prayer is a confession of commitment.
Not an intellectual exercise

A present reigning, a power
The rule of Heaven started when God first proclaimed on Earth
Matt. 4
Trials in the wilderness
Well trained rabbi
17- The KoH is here, at hand
23- gospel of the kingdom
Luke 4:43
Acts 1
Prototype of what’s going to happen to us
3- 40 days sojurning after resurrection speaking about KoG
It’s all about KoG
It’s also all about 40
John 3:3 – unless born again, can’t see KoG
Sounds like Shema
2 Cor. 5:17 – old has passed away, new has come
See things differently
We want reconcilliation
Tendancy is to pout
Not about what you get, what you can give
Justice and issues of compassion become different…money becomes just money
Disciples/apostles are very passionate as well
Acts 8:12
Men and women
Acts 19:8
In the synagogue for 3 months
28:23 – Rome
28:30-1 – Lived there for 2 years at his own expense, proclaiming the KoG
EVERYTHING will change
Romans 14:17
Not about rituals
Eating or drinking
Righteousness = justice and compassion. (translation)
Joy, compassion, …
1Cor. 4:20
Backed by power
Not just an intellectual exercise
John 3 5 ?
Flesh is flesh, spirit is spirit
Finding life BEFORE death
Col 1:14-5
Transfered into the KoG
Genesis 1:4
God saw that the light was good and seperated light from dark
Rabbis taught that God
1 John 17
John 8 – light of the world
Matt ? – Already transfered into light

Verbal agreements with Enemy
Enemy will say, this is what you’re like an we’ll agree
Jesus tore up the contract
Listen to the words of Jesus
Pay attention
Jesus has delivered us…let’s live
Hebrew 12:28 – let us be grateful
Gospel centered on the KoG
We are a part of something bigger so that we can be a light to the world
Don’t rescue the Israelites from the Gentiles
Constantly talk about it
Agents of change
Your mission should you choose to accept it…

The Kingdom of Heaven / God = The soveriegn rule of God. The rule of heaven and the one who lives in heaven.


“Through your eyes is the only way I want to see” – see not just the world, but ourselves…
Lead Me To Your Heart

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