1940’s Radio Hour – Irvine Valley College

*starts choking on cough drop*

They destroyed it. This was probably the worst college production I’ve seen to date. Which is unfortunate when you actually know people in the cast….because at some point you know you’re going to have to talk to them. My biggest problem is that the show is supposed to be a radio broadcast in the 1940’s (gee, hence the title?)…and there is no way on God’s green earth that what we saw was capable of going over the air in any manner of acclaim. There was enough dead air to bring a corpse back to life, there were people 20 ft from a mike thinking they were being heard loud and clear, there was foley going on 30 ft from the mike…it was disastrous…absolutely nothing like the show I saw growing up.

Mic troubles.

I didn’t care about the main character’s arc. Johnny the singer was going through tough times financially so he quits, but I didn’t really care.

My one consolation about knowing people in the show? I didn’t know the director…and that’s where all these faults truly lie…the director. It’s his/her job to guide the show with a vision and this director’s vision was horribly flawed.

Laura and I were so frustated and upset at the end of the show that we did a 20 minute rant against the show in the car….I’m still not sure what to do with the recording…

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