The Rock Church Worship Service


The Time Has Come (dance)
You Are So Good To Me
You Are Beautiful My Sweet Sweet Song
You Hold The Universe
All I Need Is You
One Heart Under Your Blood
Came To Your Rescue
Be Lifted High
You Are Beautiful My Sweet Sweet Song


1 Samuel 1:1-11
Constant theme of barren women
Elkinah bestowed more gifts on barren wife Hannah than fertile wife Peninnah
Irritate – annoyed, bothered, pissed off
Hebrew: To thunder and roar with deep agony
Can’t even eat food
Barren women were viewed as less than
Couldn’t contribute to culture
Double portion meant more love, giving barren wife support
Build your life on the fact that I love you more than Peninnah
Hannah rose – made a desicion, moved into action
Goes into prayer
What kind of prayer soothes agony?
1 Sam 1:11-15
Lips move, no words – must be drunk
Pouring out her soul before the Lord
Pouring her heart into God’s reality
What do my deepest prolems look like compared with God’s blessing?
Bares her soul
Your heart, problems, pain melt in God’s glory
Identifies God’s attributes
No razor shall touch his head
Everything on the kid
In Israel you couldn’t just decide to be a Levite
Numbers 6 – Nazarite vow
Hannah pouring anguish into God’s reality
We tend to disconnect Biblical stories
The book is one story, one plot
Salvation through a child of your line, a Messiah
Physical deterioration because we wanted to fix it ourselves
Barren woman miraculously blessed
By bringing a child into the world, you’re taking part in God’s redemptive work
1 Samuel 1:18-20
Every experience is just a shadow of it’s true worth
Hannah prayed and she got her appetite back
Her face was lifted up
Prayed – peace – child
We mix that order up – money leads to peace, etc
Hannah’s child saved Israel
Pouring out our lives into His reality so He can use us
1 Samuel 2:4
Annointed translated as Messiah
Some think that means David; others think Jesus
Luke 1:46-55
Why is Mary singing like Hannah?
Isaac, Sampson, Samuel, John the Baptist – born to barren women to save the world (economics, politics)
Jesus took it a step further by saving the world from sin an death
Psalm 22- Jesus’ anguish
1. God works in our total inability
God responds to brokenness an hopelessness
I’m going to obey you
2. God will use your suffering, but you won’t fully understand it in your lifetime
3. God loves barren people
4. Most of our deepest disappointments come from pouring our hearts into other things that only God can give us


Be The Air

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