The Rock Church Worship Service


No Other Name
Our God Saves
Jesus What A Friend (hymn)


Grace spoke on Wed
Living a life with purpose gives even our pain a purpose
Laying on of hands for those with some purposeless pain
Sept 25,6,7th next men’s ministry
This sat Men’s Ministry Kick-off


Luke 5:1-11
Rabbi’s traditionally taught sitting down while everyone else stood
Commercial fishermen caught during the evening then clean the nets and calculate the catch during the day
It’s about following Jesus’ call
Master means one with authority
Not rabbi, not teacher
Peter is a pro
No fish when sun is at it’s highest point
Trusted Jesus’ miracles
8 – fell at His feet
10 – catch -> rescue
Enter into people’s lives and rescue them
It’s going to be messy
John 15:16 I chose you because I believe you can be a redemptive prescense. In the world
There’s always a but when describing people
But Jesus always overlooked flaws and saw potential
Moses was a stutterer, Noah was a drunk, Paul (Saul) was a murderer – but God saw potential
Matt 17 – transfiguration
Moses and Elijah are great Jewish figures, but God said listen to my son
Leaders will fail you, Jesus won’t…fix your eyes on Jesus
Lives the words of Christ with a passion
Does the Bible begin in Gen 3? For some people it does
Gen 1, 2 talk about God creating the earth and saying it is good
The gardener shows up again renewing things -> John giving us a hint?
Better accepted to suffer accident than to be born different
Short, round teacher…sparkly lady
I wish you were my little girl
God thinks we have what it takes
Jon got called up to Varsity as a sophmore
Lost his confidence because he felt rejected
Next year instead of basketball, he poured his heart into guitar
Youth pastor asked him to lead junior high worship
Would he have poured his heart into music if he hadn’t been rejected by basketball?
No one is rejected by God
The Message
Ephesians 1-4
I can do what Jesus calls me to do because He believes in me
Peter sees Jesus walking on water and jumps out of the boat
Did Peter lose his faith in Jesus when he sank? Maybe he re-evaluated what Jesus saw in him, his understanding of that
Jesus is a dream-releaser
Did Peter ever dream of being a great preahcer? John of loving peope so much? That James would be a founding member of the church?
Acts 4
Stood before the council and people recognized that they were unlearned and had been with Jesus
1 Peter 2:9
Chosen to be holy
A fisherman wrote that
Invested His life in these men and they did great things
Who has invested in my life?
Pouring your life into people is messy
Think Jesus never got frustated?
Think Jesus was never hurt by these men? Never disappointed?
Invest in a troubled teen only to have them rebel
Jesus never said to rescue people if it benefits us…
Rescue their hearts


I Receive

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