The Rock Church Worship Service


Praise To The Lord Almighty (waltz)
Holy One (half/full time lindy)
Dedication of Sarah Grace Wilson (Pastor Jon’s niece)
Paul: creating a membership for this church is a big thing
We’re now too big to fail? 😉
Blessed Be Your Name
Our God Saves
All I Need Is You
Our economy may be down…but not God’s…not the economy of the kingdom of heaven


Friday, March 13, youth praise art dance night here

Sterling Dogood

Printed financial info for January

Mick Wilson (Jon’s brother-in-law)

Last spoke with Ernie to the men at the retreat
Do we move and look for a house? All the affects
Moved to a new tract house
Who is the true youth pastor in your family?
Fathers are the true shepherds of the family
The good heart
When house hunting you look at the living room, then you move through the arch an you find an even greater room
Don’t just live in the living room
Gen 1:3-5,26-27
We were created with an inbound glory, but we rejected it 2 chapters later and fell… 2 chapters later Cain murders Abel…2 chapters later we’ve got the flood wiping us out
Jeremiah 17:9
Jer 31:31-33
The heart is a person’s desire
The real you
Your core
Ezekiel 36:26-27
The laws don’t change your heart, I will give you a new heart
Isaiah 53:1-10
Someone has to die for the new heart
Matt 1:21
The journey on the word “saved”
Senior at University of Colorado
Jesus takes the rebellion on himself and the slate is wiped clean
Positional righteousness
God looks at us through Christ-colored glasses
God sees the glory, but I’m really a dope
Created a poser
Doing these good Christian things
But heart isn’t right…
Isolates you from the community because “you’re not like them”
What does saved mean?
Romans 2:28-29
Deep surgery
Acts 15:6-10
The heart is no longer wicked…something has changed…
1 Timothy 1:5
Good conscience, pure actions
2 Timothy 2:22
Eph 3:16
Son of God dwelling in our hearts
A wicked heart???
Romans 8:11
Life through Him living in you
Raising was all about the cross, Gospels build up to the cross…but in Acts and Romans the resurrection is pretty important
Romans 7:15-22
No longer I myself who do it…for in my inner being I delight in God’s line
Grocery checkout – candy and eye candy
Guys we lean towards the eye candy…but at our core we want to be faithful to our wives
Something else is battling inside of me
Luke 6:43-45
Do we challenge the thorns to grow grapes or do we rip them out of there?
Luke 8:15
Noble and good heart
Perserverance indicates the battle inhereit
Sexual purity – don’t be sexually impure
Eph 5
Being thankful fir Christ
You don’t do impure things becayse they are bad, you do bad things because you are impure, have an impure heart
5:8 now you are light of the Lord
After being saved, he started drinking OJ at fraternity parties instead of screwdrivers
Why don’t screwdrivers satisfy my thirst? Why does orange juice suddenly taste so good?
Emotional hangover
Genesis 1:3 let there be light; it is good
2 Cor 4:5-6
3:17-18, 4:16-18
Being transformed into His likeness
Gorgeous creation (pre Gen 3)
Slammed it into a light pole
Piles of wrecked cars
Body shop (what He does)
The enemy attacks the heart
We’re not jars of clay with God inside us…we have wicked hearts…we are impure
Wild At Heart/Captivating
Restoration Covenant in Redwood
Let God’s voice be true
God knows your heart…walk with God
If it’s too good to be true, it’s God
God: I know you, I will provide for you
Hebrews 13: I will NEVER leave you
You must carve out time to be with me
As man and wife, they pull the glory out of each other
God is not just about forgiveness, but redemption
Not about religion, it’s about life



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