The Rock Church Worship Service


Not To Us (lindy)
Holy Moment (lindy)
Psalm ???
Our Great God (waltz)
Isaiah 53
Jesus Paid It All
Sweetly Broken (lindy/double time)
Who You Are
John 15:15-16
We submit to slavery so easily…
More Than A Friend
The Stand
Lord, what do you want? Everything. No seriously. Everything. I don’t know if I can give it all today…to the one who saved us…
Let Your Kingdom Come
The Stand chorus reprise
Romans 8:31-39
Grateful One (lindy)
Teen bible study query
How do you get back to that place of intimacy from high school summer camp or men/women’s retreat? Worship.
Jon trumps Matt, Bible trumps Jon
1 Thessalonians – end
He who calls you is faithful…He will do it


Beach day tomorrow
Jeami has list for care boxes; Uganda sponsorship


Romans 5:2

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