Up – Century 20 @ Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA

A fitting 10th film for Pixar, Up is a delightful and charming story with action, adventure, suspense and vistas to knock your socks off! The 3-D experience (while not granting us a viewing of the new short Partly Cloudy…at least not at the midnight, 3-D showing) was extremely well worth the extra cash. It creates more depth and realism in the film…big action sequences look even bigger and tender moments are revitalized with a deeper clarity.

I wasn’t very excited by the trailers before this film…I mean Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs looked fun the first time, but 3-D didn’t really add anything to it…I’m bored by the Ice Age 3 teaser with Scrat…but I can’t complain too much. Can’t be too much of a wet blanket because the trailers are only 20 minutes out of a two hour presentation. Oh yeah! And especially since they gave us a 3-D teaser for Toy Story 3. I mean, I knew Toy Story 3 was coming (despite all the politics of Disney v. Pixar), but this teaser makes me very excited!

Features the voice talents of Ed Asner (Carl Frederickson), Christopher Plummer (Muntz), Delroy Lindo (Beta the Dog) and co-director/storyman Bob Peterson as Dug (SQUIRREL!) AND Alpha! So exciting!

3-D is SOOOO pretty! It was especially cool with the Disney logo and seeing all the additional detail in the background. And the Pixar logo is incredible!!! It could be described as a simple camera rotation, but it’s eye-popping in 3-D!

The music is once again phenomenally orchestrated by Michael Giacchino. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with Randy or Thomas Newman, but Giacchino’s work is a perfect fit for this adventure. The soundtrack takes you on a highlight tour of the film and you can see it in your head…it’s just beautiful!

Pixar has done it again!

Life isn’t a destination, it’s the journey.

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