The Rock Church Worship Service


Ezekiel 47
Pool of Salome
Feast of Sacoh
7 days
Celebrating promised land, journey to it
Leviticus 23-40
Waving palm branches at 9am and 3pm
Fall season, dry for 6 months
A million people waving palm branches sounds like rain
Hoshana! Hosana! God save us! Save s
Psalm 118
Save us from what? Pain hunger drought disease
Living water
1 chronicles 3-5
Solomon prayed for rain
Rain = living water
Mon heichm
The high priest would come down from the temple with a pitcher, gather water from the pool
Pour it into a silver funnel
John 7:37
Jesus standing at the temple on the last day
If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink
A million people praying for rain and Jesus shouting that He is living water
Crowd would be stunned
Wherever God’s reign is, each in will be a shelter from the storm (Isaiah)
He has called us to be the source
Overflow out of us
Do we, followers of Christ, gave the answer?
We’re at this place in history where He is the only source
Do the people in your life look at you like a glass of cold water on a hot day
Have you placed yourself under Jesus
Revelation is just a glimps of what’s to come
We sang about it (who was and is and is to come)
For now we are the source
He poured out His Spirit onto the people
When Jesus’ side was pierced, water poured out
We are a stream of living water for the community

Pray for VBS and Lori
Tuesday night is prayer meeting
Comitted to being a church, a community that prays

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