A Non-Frivolous Lawsuit Against Amazon? Windows 7 Announcements? Apple Redoes Album Covers?

Kindle Users Sue Amazon Over Deleted Orwell Book – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
At first I thought this was a frivolous lawsuit, but the more I think about it, it’s really important.  Amazon may have refunded their money, but they very much did violate the users right to the device by reaching in and deleting the content…I mean the whole point of owning a device is so you can download content and keep it until YOU decide to get rid of it…not the company that created the device…

Microsoft Unveils Win7 Family Pack, Upgrade Pricing – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
I still think there’s too many versions of Windows, leading to confusion extraordinaire…

Apple, Labels Stir Up Deluxe, Digital Cocktail – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Intriguing…most intriguing…

FCC Demands Data on Blocked Google Voice Apps – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Interesting…but I can’t trust the government to JUST solve this issue…I would expect them to insist that they can do a better job regulating it….I mean I think AT&T is just being a b!tch regarding Google’s applications, but I don’t want the government taking over AT&T and doing a worse job! 

Microsoft Yahoo merger – The Denver Post

History’s ‘WWII in HD’ trailer –The Live Feed
OOOO!!  PRETTY!!!!! 

Jeff Dunham: ‘Funny as a Block of F–king Wood’–The Live Feed
Jeff Dunham gets his own Comedy Central TV show and TV critics cry foul?  Wha? 

Windows 7 Media Center Will Support Netflix – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Yay!  Now if only I could make enough money to afford Netflix again! 

MySpace Mail Rolls Out With Vanity URL E-Mail – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
MySpace continues to try being relevant. 

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