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Uganda trip report

Goal: true understanding of The Rock’s contribution to Uganda


Quick snapshot
Worked with Sanyu Baby Orphanage for abandoned children, brought them supplies, age birth-4
AidChild orphanage for kids with AIDS (not HIV), age 4-16
Maggie’s Ranch/Cornerstone village that teaches western jobs (table service)
??? Ages 16-25
Played soccer and dancing to get ready for world vision kids
Gulu for the world vision kids
Nice to see 2D picture have personality
County hospital and other hospitals – supply delivery
God is really behind Jeami’s mission
Given the Rock a really good name
It’s daunting the power she wields the way she gets things done
Super-anointed, it’s magical
We need to get behind her
Go and see it for yourself, financially support her, pray for her, ask her how you can help
Don’t let her feel alone in what she’s doing
Heather’s lessons
1. Maggie teaches Western skills to village kids
Maggie was raised in a child pornography ring led by her father
Westerners aren’t comfortable sitting in suffering
Evil is evil, suffering is suffering
But she’s not a tool God is using
God hates what happened to her, He looks at it and grieves
Go isn’t dependent on evil to shape is
Without evil we would still recognize good
Sit in suffering
2. Jeami shouted stop the car, saw a girl throwing up on the side of the crowded street
Malaria is not a walkin’ around disease
With world vision, on their way to do good stuff, Jeami said side track to take care of this one girl
Jeami intensely prepared for trip
She plans and learns from her mistakes
Holds the past with open hands in order to adapt to the things God puts in her path
Planning is good, can’t be irresponsible
Paralyzed by past, or too planned/committed to plan
Place value on THIS moment
You may screw up in the past, but you’re doing ok now
Be in the moment
3. Look for Africa moments
Africa is our responsibility (Uganda that is)
We learn good Christian behaviors
Our problem isn’t in trying to figure out these things
Nothings wrong, but we feel our relationship with God is flat-lining – WTF God?!?
We want BIG moments, we want the Africa moment to fix things
Rearrange the magnets on your fridge
We get so good at behaviors that we let it become stuff
Dormant thoughts don’t always refresh your soul
It’s not beautifully spoken, but it’s a compliment
Mix up how you read the Bible, don’t stop readin the Bible
Reigniting what you already
You don’t have to draw a picture – take what you have and make it alive and real to you
Love God and Jeami’s mission

Multimedia Presentation


Pictures tell the story
30 minutes version
2 minute version
5 second version – beautiful and awful at the same time
Duffel bag full of shoes – greatest thing I’ve ever done (so far)
Standing in His sufferings with Him
Had a moment and he couldn’t come downstairs and mingle
Why am I doing with my life?
Should I be in Uganda all the time?
Playing music is dumb
God walked in and said that’s not what I’m telling you
Wrestling with his role in worship
God gave us pastors, ministers, worship leaders etc, so we will no longer be infants tossed about in the waves
Teaching, preaching, service
His speaking is a confession: He hasn’t been doing his job
We have to be a body of people that cares for poor people and voice that concern
Mercy Village is a non-profit that Paul and Jeami started, named after their World Vision child (Mercy)
Goal: start a school in southern Uganda
Goal is not to make Uganda sexy for a month
Next time Uganda Trip comes around – it WILL NOT be convenient
Everything big will be not convenient at the moment
Command in the Bible, don’t wait for command
Jesus and James have called us
See what Jesus has for us next
Jeami will be communicating about Mercy Village, Rob about his charity
Provide opportunities for us to do more
Step outside of skill set and get involved
My spiritual gift can be pairing a wall
Matthew 5 – blessed are the poor
Fortunate when poor, when weak, persecuted, when you have less
Don’t just come on a Sunday night to feel better – move as Jesus’ body
Same bush he walked by everyday, then he finally turned and recognized it

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