Legally Blonde – OCPAC

Basically they took the movie – which on it’s own is very smart and very clever – and made it all over the top instead of amplifying some moments and letting good moments from the movie stand. For example – the Greek Chorus of sorority girls? INSPIRED! But on the other hand…

  • Emmett was around too much. Made her more blonde than she was in the movie. Fine he’s got a “Chip On His Shoulder” and a nice back story, but it makes her a weaker female role model.
  • Callahan was too sinister too early. You never liked him at all, which makes his exit much more predictable.
  • Adding the Irish bit took away from Vivian and Elle’s growing friendship, making her sudden transformation awkward. Sure the Irish bit is fun, but weird choice.
  • Going to the restroom at the scene of the crime for the court finale was ridiculous.

But there were genuinely funny moments and phenomenal music by Laurence O’Keefe (Bat Boy) and Nell Benjamin (his wife).

It’s also nice to see that MGM On Stage is associated with the production…it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s the first time I’ve recognized that a movie studio other than Disney has a theatrical department.

The UPS guy was hysterical. Again, an over the top moment that worked. But the musical is plagued by over the top moments that flop as well. We give it a B-.

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