The Rock Church Worship Service


Let My Words Be Few
I Adore You
God Of This City
Let Your Kingdom Come
More than just songs of praise, more than this meeting place, more than the beating of drums, Lord let your Church become, More than just sacrifice, holy and purified, Lord let you kingdom come in us
*green light from Jon to keep going*
Hallelujah/Our God Reigns
Glory To The King/Anthem To The King


Galatians 5:16-26
Not things to import from outside of us
When you become a Christian, this foreign thing comes inside with all these attributes
1 Corinthians 13
Walk through these things that are already inside of us
Tonight – overview of the series
19-21 desires/sins/works of the flesh
22-25 works of the spirit
What is the flesh? The bent of the whole person
Core of the motive of the heart
Soul, mind, body, will
Foreign object – The Spirit of God
Need to connect to God
There’s a side living for self and a side living for God
All out war inside us
16-18 Spirit of God opposed to flesh
Walk by God, not gratify flesh
Opposed to law
We have all set standards for our life
Ways for us to achieve “works righteousness”
Righteous -> acceptable
Switch in expectations
What makes him acceptable? No confrontation, just happiness
I want people to approve of me
People pleaser
Bound by this
Must be something wrong with me
The moment someone’s pleased with me -> being under the law
People’s opinions ebb and flow
Spirit opposed to you slaving yourself to people’s opinions
End up compromising ourselves before God
We have this list
All inside us, don’t need to conjure it up
Envy, jealousy, fits of anger are usually there in the average week … but so are love and joy
Every day, both aspects are ebbing and flowing
Geeky computer analogy
Drive A is the works of the flesh
Drive B is the works of the Spirit
Why am I doing what I’m doing
Day by day we can see which drive we were operating off of
This is a process, not a…
The Bible says “You are to grow into your salvation”
Christian life is a fight
Romans 7:15
These habitual things we give in to
The flesh is always tainting what we do
Good and bad motives
Why grow if both are operating?
Recognize the difference and start to decrease the wrong motives and elevate the right motives
Try to pray or meditate on scripture for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and you will be in for the fight of your life
Good indicators
Look at fear, anxiety and pride this week
When operating out of these, look at what’s really happening
This is the way that you’re gonna find value in life
There are counterfeit’s to all the positive values
Look at pride, anxiety, fear
When those rise up they have the power to bless or curse you
Idol or false self will bless or curse you
God is…
Look at the motive of the heart
Embarrass yourself
Try to bring about change in life
When people repeat you, we realize how ridiculous we are
If there’s no fight, be concerned
Words of Jesus are the standard (?)
Not for success but because you’ve called me to it
Incommunicable and communicable aspects of God
Things you catch from being around Him
Incommunicable – things we can never be
Important to sit under the majesty of God and let it pour over you so you can catch these communicable attributes of God
Tired, boring, narrow, self righteous
When you walk in the Spirit, you do it because you love Him
What are these things you see in your life?
This is between God and you
Don’t get full of self pity
Recognize areas where God is working in you
There is a fight for your heart
Every day
Live by the Spirit
For next week, meditate on 1 Corinthians 13
Wasn’t originally read at weddings
These are the things you’re not being

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